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Monday, February 27, 2012


catherine lamb
1.periphery (for two) - for two voices with environmental chord (2011)
performed by julia holter & laura steenberge (voices), bryan eubanks (electronic realization)
2. tone/noise - for nine multi-tracked violas (2011)
(performed by catherine lamb)

balancing space, tone & an uncanny hold on the attention, these two significant recent compositions from Catherine feature contributions from Julia Holter, Laura Steenberge & Bryan Eubanks.

available as a limited edition taiyo yuden disc, mounted on an A5 art card with accompanying A6 postcard & as a digital download.

Catherine Lamb (b. 1982, Olympia, WA.) is a composer/violist exploring sound through intimate ensembles and solo work. She is interested in microscopic color variances in (mostly) narrow bands, often with an ever-opening form. She is interested in the elemental/spectral interaction between tones and their shadows, between beings. She works with the phenomenological dimensions of quiet perceptual/sensual layers moving in and out of presence, as a being moving in space.

to order the cd version please see the first post on this website

also available as a digital download

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