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Saturday, August 23, 2014

'if you so wish....' (scores for listening)

high resolution pdf book of the scores + an on-going archive of realisations by various artists.

inc. recordings / performances  by JrF, Ryoko Akama, Cheryl Leonard, Yui Onedera, Pierre Gerard, Phil Maguire, Mihalis Santamas & more....

jez riley french  |  dissolves: the eating of fruit


using specially adapted JrF contact mics - strung with wires - these two recordings made in Italy capture the sound of different species of ant consuming fruit. The first (a section of which formed part of the piece 'resonances di topoolo') is what remains of an original 4 hour recording of ants eating an apricot. The second captures a more subtle event - with a smaller number of ants eating a strawberry.