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Saturday, January 19, 2008

instamatic series editions

editions in the 'instamatic' series feature mainly one take recordings capturing simple moments in each location. The recordings were made on days when recording was initiated for my own pleasure & without any advance preparation or pre-concieved aim. It's often the case that one ventures out with ones equipment & spends several hours recording only to return without any recordings that hold the attention. The instamatic series was concieved to present recordings that were pleasant, simple surprises.

egcd032 - Jez riley French - 'prague'
*this release features a series of recordings made as I walked around prague* (72 minute disc)
egcd026 - Jez riley French - 'Ghent' (8cm 20 minute disc)
egcd025 - Jez riley French - 'Vienna' (8cm 20 minute disc)
egcd024 - Jez riley French - 'bridlington harbour & Thornwick bay' (8cm 20 minute disc)

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