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Saturday, March 22, 2008

brzeska 1991-2002 - limited recycled cassette

brzeska - 1991 - 2002

limited edition recycled cassette (eg- no number)

£3 inc p & p or free with the purchase of any other 'engraved glass' release

clear input and inside methods recorded between 1992 & 2002.

just about the first thing I ever released was a few home made copies of some tape & feedback pieces. They were run off over cassettes that i'd found at school & so it must have been 1980 or so. Now, to re-release some of these early pieces of improvised clear input / internal sounds (long since out of print in thier original cassette or cdr formats) & faced with a pile of cassettes that need to be recycled, it feels somewhat suitable to issue this release.

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